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Café Vanilla from Café Escapes


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters calls these new Café Escapes K-Cups a “A tantalizing cup of the world’s favourite flavour” and goes on to say that “there’s no such thing as plain vanilla when it comes to this inviting Café Escapes treat. It’s a delicately sweet, surprisingly light-tasting, delicious coffee that you’ll want to enjoy every day.”

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For best results, Green Mountain recommends that you:

  • Store Café Vanilla K-Cup packs at room temperature.
  • Shake the pack before brewing.
  • Use the 8-oz. setting on your brewer.
  • Run a hot water brew cycle (without a K-Cup in your brewer) after brewing Café Escapes Café Vanilla K-Cups.
  • After brewing, Café Escapes K-Cup packs are hot and may drip.Always test before serving to young children. To reduce or prevent dripping, the manufacturer recommends that you tilt the K-Cup pack slightly when you remove it from the brewer.

Product Notes:

  • This product contains milk.
  • Unlike most other Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup® packs, Café Escapes products are NOT Kosher.
  • This Café Escapes product contains a combination of natural and artificial sweeteners & natural and artificial flavours.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Creamer (hydrogenated coconut oil, glucose syrup, sodium caseinate (from milk), sodium polyphosphate, dipotassium phosphate, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, silicon dioxide), Nonfat milk, Natural and Artificial Flavour, Modified Food Starch, Instant Coffee, Salt, Cocoa Powder, Sucralose.