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Brew Nations: France

Even if you prefer French kisses over French roasts you’ve come to the right page. The former we talk about briefly in French Lesson #2 in the Brew News story below called, deliciously enough, “French Kissing and Roasting,” the latter we can help you brew in everything from K-Cups to JavaOne pods to packaged whole beans, home-packed & frac-packed (for hospitality use) ground. Just visit the main coco.bm Shop page and filter everything we sell by roast.

Jul 6th, 2016

French kissing and roasting

French Lesson #1 – French Roasting: One sunny summer afternoon back in July of 1789 a few overheated tempers
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And finally, not quite in France but quite cute nevertheless this 1 minute Vimeo video, “French Roast”, from Mile Road Productions while your kettle’s boiling or your single cup brewer is warming up.

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