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Dec 26th, 2016

Rooibos Redbush Tea

This week’s Brew News story is a short and sweet history, vanilla latte recipe and the healthy reputation of our ever-popular magical Red Rooibos herbal tea: from the Clanwilliam region of Western Cape, South Africa to Dutch settlers, a Canadian marathon runner and a pregnant chai latte lover.

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Dec 16th, 2016

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This Sunday in December’s Brew News South Africa bedtime story, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” came to us courtesy of Damaria Senne, a blogger from Phokeng, North West, South Africa who writes about “the big adventure that we call life.” You can order any of our South African Rooibos selections 24/7 or visit all our Brew Nations selections … and get anything you order on-line at coco.bm delivered free, anywhere in Bermuda.

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Nov 6th, 2016


“…their huge undulating presence refreshes me better than sleep.” From “Watching Hippos,” a poem by Dorothy Porter and the Brew News bedtime story for November 2016 from coco.bm and our Gombe Reserve single-origin ground coffee.

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Oct 29th, 2016

black is the new BLUE

The Lavazza BLUE 910 is a 100% Italian-made brewer that makes expert espressos with any Lavazza BLUE capsules (and Americanos and lungos with some.)

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Ethiopian boys and a bird courtesy Patty Malloy
Oct 26th, 2016

Pairings 2.0: Yirgacheffe and Ethiopia

The last Convenience Coffee Brew News for October 2016 gets up-close-and-African with three Ethiopian coffees, scenery and sentiments. Travel with us for a look at single-origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans and Fair Trade Certified, Organic blends and a fascinating footnote video that explores human connection through intimate portraits of complete strangers who were asked to pose for a New York photographer.

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Oct 17th, 2016

Ethiopian Spiced Tea

This week we turn our taste buds’ attention to a heart-warming spiced tea infusion of Ethiopian origin like Chef Marcus and his Ambessa Fine African Teas that steeps beautifully in your best tea service, as well as some other not-so-traditional herbals that you can brew right at home, in minutes in your single-cup brewer.

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Oct 11th, 2016

An Ethiopian Calling

Four African-inspired teas: whispers of deepest, darkest chocolate; the vigor and vitality of green tea; the magic of exotic Western Cape South African Rooibos red tea; and an Ethiopian-Swedish poke at the distinctive bergamot and lemon flavours of Earl Grey.

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Oct 9th, 2016

The Man, The Boy and The Donkey

A man and his son were once going with their donkey to market. As they were walking alongside the donkey, a countryman passed them and said, “You fools, what is a donkey for but to ride upon?” So the man put the boy on the donkey and they went on their way.
But soon they passed a group of men, one of whom said, “See that lazy youngster, he lets his father walk while he rides.” So the man…

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Austrian mountain illustration with little red-suited man and a coco.bm flag
Sep 24th, 2016

4 Ways to get an Austrian Coffee in Bermuda

… and even if you don’t have an espresso-specific brewer, you can create great-tasting, whipped-cream topped Austrian coffee experience with any of our K-Cup blends from Lavazza, Starbucks (except maybe their Breakfast Blend) or Gevalia.

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Sep 19th, 2016

Four Mountains and a Volcano

This week here at Brew News Bermuda we’re all about the high-level, altitude-attitude, emphasis on elevation coffees themselves so we’ve globetrotted all the way from Grossglockner in the Austrian Alps to Central and South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific to bring you this week’s fantastic feature flavours.

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